Yorkshire Dialect Ceramic Mug – White & Black


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Take a sip of tradition with our latest collection piece – the 11oz ‘Yorkshire Dialect’ ceramic mug. Designed with the classic charm of a black handle and inner, this mug is adorned with the quintessential words and phrases that are music to any Yorkshire native’s ears. Our in-house designer, Lee, has artfully captured the essence of Yorkshire speak with beloved phrases such as ‘EE BY GUM’, ‘pegged it’, ‘put wood in t’ oyle’, and ‘tha’ meks a better door than a winder’, making this mug a celebration of Yorkshire’s linguistic heritage.

Each graphic is a nod to the rich tapestry of expressions that make Yorkshire’s dialect so distinct and endearing. Whether it’s a loving gift for a Yorkshire local, a keepsake for a friend decided to ‘peg it’ across the globe, or a treasured souvenir from your wanderings in God’s Own Country, this mug is sure to bring a smile and a chuckle with every gulp.

Perfect for anyone who appreciates the wit and wisdom embedded in regional vernacular, this ceramic mug isn’t just a vessel for your favourite hot drink; it’s a daily dose of nostalgia and a badge of pride for all those with Yorkshire in their hearts.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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