Lee's Journey of Creativity

Grandad's drawing of a hand with a butterfly resting on the index finger.
Grandad's final masterpiece, a butterfly at rest on his sketched hand—marks the poignant close of his journey and the dawn of mine. Though we never met, his artistry ignites my creativity, a perpetual legacy where endings meet beginnings.

My Grandad’s artistry laid a path he never walked with me; he passed before my birth, yet his legacy lingered in the strokes of his paintings, the lines of his drawings, and the family stories that colored my world. Though I never heard his voice, his creativity whispered in every tale my mother and grandmother shared, planting a seed deep within me.

As a teen, the arrival of a playful puppy sparked a yearning to preserve fleeting moments. A digital camera became my tool, my treasure chest. The seed of creativity, watered by my grandad’s memory, blossomed into a fervent passion for photography.

In the fertile grounds of university, studying Website Design and Multimedia Technology, that seed grew into a vision. The camera was not just a lens to the past but a window to future possibilities.

Lee, In-house designer at Creative Gift Hub

In-house graphic designer and his cherished chocolate labrador

With a degree in hand and a heart full of ambition, I stepped into the world, eager to weave my dreams into the tapestry of reality. I was unversed in the ways of business, but curiosity fueled my journey. Question by question, I built my enterprise—Elevatedby—brick by digital brick, starting in 2013.

A decade has passed, and with it, a mosaic of faces and stories has entered my life. I’ve collaborated with artists, echoes of my grandfather’s spirit, and together we’ve turned aspirations into tangible triumphs. It’s been more than a business; it’s been a shared canvas, a celebration of creativity that transcends time.

Creating Created Gift Hub

Amidst the stillness of lockdown, as I delved into the digital depths of my hard drives, a thought struck me—how could these countless captured moments transcend their pixel existence? I envisioned them gracing every day, from mugs and keyrings to the stationery we touch daily.

Embarking on a three-year quest, I transformed this curiosity into a tangible reality. It demanded new skills, equipment, and unwavering resolve to navigate through myriad challenges. There were moments when it seemed ‘curiosity might indeed kill the cat.’ But resilience, bolstered by the steadfast support of family and friends, echoed the sentiment of a 1905 ‘Galveston Daily News’ headline—curiosity did not claim its feline victim after all.

2023 marks a triumph over these trials, with the launch of Creative Gift Hub, an offshoot of the ‘Elevatedby’ brand. This new venture embodies the essence of my 2020 ponderings: to make memories a permanent fixture in our lives, not just for me, but for all who wish to hold their cherished moments close. Let’s bring your memories into the light, to be cherished and shared.

Ready to immortalize your moments? Check out our collection, ranging from personalized keyrings with simplistic charm to our custom-designed mugs, perfect vessels for your favorite hot drinks, each serving as a canvas for your memories.

We are here to help! Reach out to us at lee@creativegifthub.co.uk, and let’s make the everyday extraordinary. Together, we can create keepsakes that tell your story and bring a piece of your world into tangible form, one cherished memory at a time.

An image of Creative Gift Hub - Printed Gifts being made.