Yorkshire Dialect ‘EYUP’ Ceramic Mug – Black


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Say ‘EYUP’ to your new favorite brew buddy – our unique 11oz ceramic mug, complete with a sleek black handle and matching inner, is a true nod to Yorkshire charm. Designed by our in-house maestro, Lee, this mug is splashed with the iconic ‘EYUP’ graphics – a beloved Yorkshire greeting that’s as warm as the tea you’ll enjoy from it.

Each sip from this mug is a tribute to the hearty spirit of Yorkshire, making it an ideal gift for anyone who holds this special place close to their heart. Whether they’re a local, a visitor who’s fallen in love with Yorkshire’s rolling dales and hearty welcome, or simply someone who appreciates the quirk and character of regional dialects, this mug is sure to stir up fond memories with every use.

Celebrate the simple pleasures of a proper brew and the rich tapestry of Yorkshire’s culture. Perfect for anyone who’s ever been greeted with an ‘EYUP’, this ceramic mug isn’t just a vessel for your beverage; it’s a conversation starter, a keepsake, and a piece of home all rolled into one.


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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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