Scarlet Tulip Bloom – Hardboard Coaster


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Unveil the splendor of spring with our latest offering: the ‘Bloom in Contrast’ coaster featuring a striking tulip in full bloom. Captured by our in-house talent, photographer and designer Lee, this tulip stands out with its fiery red petals kissed with morning dew, a dramatic symbol of passion and perfect beginnings. It’s not just a coaster; it’s a daily bloom on your table, a masterpiece of design that celebrates the bold and fleeting beauty of spring flowers. Crafted for the contemporary, the design speaks to the heart of those who seek a splash of vibrancy in every corner of their lives. Lee’s artistic flare transforms an everyday object into a canvas of nature’s artistry, making it an ideal gift or a personal treat for anyone looking to infuse their routine with the energy and optimism of springtim

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Single Coaster, 4, 6


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