Fridge Magnet – English Pointer




Capture the noble spirit of the English countryside with our elegant English Pointer Fridge Magnet. Adorned with the poised and dignified face of an English Pointer, this magnet brings the timeless beauty of this classic hunting breed to your home.

The magnet features a stunning black and white portrait, highlighting the breed’s distinctive coat and soulful eyes. It’s the perfect way to celebrate these loyal companions and add a touch of class to your kitchen décor.Strong and reliable, this magnet will faithfully hold up your most important reminders and cherished photos, just like the Pointer’s steadfast nature.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pointer enthusiast or simply a connoisseur of fine dog breeds, this fridge magnet is a sophisticated addition to any collection. Let this graceful breed point the way to style and charm on your fridge or magnetic board!

Additional information

Weight 0.0095 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.5 cm


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