Animal Music Band Fridge Magnet Set I



Your favorite bands turned into their Animal counterparts

Creative Gift Hub’s ‘Animal Music Band’ fridge magnet set I, introduces a delightful fusion where iconic bands comically embrace a wild new persona inspired by music and nature. Each of the iconic bands band portrayed on the magnet in this collection embodies the essence of its own animal counterpart and promises to add a touch humor to any magnetic surface that it may grace..

Whether you have deep love for music, an animal lover, or simply someone who appreciates unique conversation pieces,  Animal Music Band fridge magnet set is sure to inject personality and charm into any space. Marvel as Sting transforms humerously into the a comical wasp at a microphone with a guitar by his side, or Monkees playfully portrayed as Monkeys sat on stools on a stage!. The Rat Pack, as rodents dressed in suits and sungleasses, while the timeless Beetles are immortalized as—you guessed it—beetles.

About Our magnets

All our magnets are crafted with careful attention to detail!  The motto at Creative Gift Hub is simple: if it isn’t fit for us, then it isn’t fit for our customers! Each magnet undergoes dye printing, which ensures colors seamlessly integrate into the surface. This method has been chosen in order to maintain the vibrancy of Creative Gift Hub’s products for much longer than ink-based or vinyl-printed magnets. Each magnet has a subtle glossy finish adding a touch of elegance, while ensuring the magnets are easily wipeable for cleanliness in the kitchen enviornment.


All magnets are dispatched within 2 working days. Any orders that require personalization, then please allow an extra day for design and printing. Each magnet will be carefully packed to shield it from bumps and scrapes during shipping. If your order includes multiple magnets, Each magnet will be individually wraped to prevent scratching or scraping. All our Magnets are are shipped via Royal Mail Second Class Signed For and should reach you within two to three days after they have been despatched.


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